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The write-up below is one of the most articulate, comprehensive and insightful ones on sexual abuse that I, your web tech, have read in a while. Maybe ever. It's a lengthy but good read and worthy to be stationed in the top spot here.

Lessons learned from child sexual abuse research:
prevalence, outcomes and preventative strategies

Another great article worthy of a top billing. My, your web tech, only dispute is the "one-in-five" girls declaration in line one/two of this article. However, on page 4, "Myth #6", the article clearly states that "It is estimated between 25– 33% of women have been sexually abused during childhood." (33% is 1 in 3.) So write that up to a clerical/continuity error.

Primer on Child Sexual Abuse


Trauma: Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse (American Psychological Association)

The impact of sexual abuse on female development:
Lessons from a multigenerational, Longitudinal research study

* Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse

Adult Manifestations of Childhood Sexual Abuse

What are the Long Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse:
Counseling Implications


The long-term effects of child sexual abuse (< full publication):
Determining the association between child sexual abuse and later outcomes
A range of outcomes
The impact of child sexual abuse on mental health
Behavioral aspects of mental health functioning
Interpersonal outcomes
Physical health and overall developmental outcomes
Gender differences in the long-term impacts of child sexual abuse
and gaps in understandings of male victims/survivors

A complex interplay

The Impact of Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse, Links to Later Sexual
Exploitation/High-Risk Sexual Behavior, and
Prevention/Treatment Programs

3.1 What is child sexual abuse?

3.2 The effects of child sexual abuse

The effects of childhood sexual abuse (< full article)
Psychological effects
Long term effects
The Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
The Stockholm Syndrome

Immediate & Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse (RAACE)

Childhood Sexual Abuse: It's Impact on Adult Life

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Its Effects in Adult Life

Long-term Physical Health Consequences of Childhood Sexual Abuse:
A Meta-Analytic Review

Long-term health outcomes of childhood sexual abuse

Why do adults fail to protect children from sexual abuse?

7 Child sexual abuse

Understanding child sexual abuse

Parenting a Child or Youth Who Has Been sexually Abused:
A Guide for Foster and Adoptive Parents

Effects (The National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

* Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

What Does Child Sexual Abuse Do to the Brain?

Can a Child Recover from the Effects of Sexual Abuse?
The Scope of Child Sexual Abuse
Definition and Fact Sheet

How Childhood Sexual Abuse Can Affect Adult Relationships

Sexual abuse
Signs, indicators and effects

 Child Sexual Abuse (National Center for PTSD)

The Expert View of Child Sexual Abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse

'It never stops shaping you':
the legacy of child sexual abuse - and how to survive it

Child Sexual Abuse and Child Welfare

Talking to Children About Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse: When Trust Gets Shattered

Childhood Sexual Abuse

A Study of Childhood Sexual Abuse as a
Predictor of Adolescent Substance Abuse


Child Sexual Abuse Fact Sheet (NCTSN)

Child Sexual Abuse - Perpetrators

Barriers to Reporting Sexual Assault for Women and Men:
Perspectives of College Students

Healing from Childhood Sexual Assault

Why Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Don't Disclose

Reminder: She Doesn't Owe Anyone a Hug.
Not Even at the Holidays.

Beyond 'stranger danger':
Look and listen for these signs of child sexual abuse

Why I Want to Share My Story of Sexual Abuse

Advocacy centers help abuse victims tell
their story, regain trust, heal

Breaking Free: Healing the
Shame of Child Sexual Abuse

Sex Offender Management Assessment
and Planning Initiative

Child Sexual Abuse (Great read, needs to be listed at top)

Keeping Your Kids Safe During the Holidays

The Connection Between Batterers
and Child Sexual Abuse Perpetrators

Sexual Abuse (nctsn)

The Scope of Child Sexual Abuse
Definition and Fact Sheet

Sexual Abuse - an overview

What Is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual Abuse (aacap)

Sexual Abuse (Sage Journals)

Sexual abuse (whiteribbon)

Who Commits Sexual Abuse (atsa)

Lessons learned from child sexual abuse research:
prevalence, outcomes and preventative strategies

Crime and Statistics (R&D Use Only)

NYPD/CompStat 2.0

FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Statistics
UCR Offense Definitions
FBI's New Rape Definition FAQ's

The Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse:
A Partnership to Improve Outcomes

Trauma, Resilience, and the Impact on Learning (ABA)

▼ *** A series of articles from Psychology Today below *** ▼

Childhood Sexual Trauma and Addiction
Understanding child sexual abuse and drug use.

How Can We Identify Teenage Victims of Child Sexual Abuse?
Female gender, self-mutilation, and feeling not accepted are predictive of CSA.

Why Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Are Often Re-victimized
Certain factors increase the likelihood of re-victimization.

Helping Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse to Disclose/
Why It Is Important for Adult Survivors of CSA to Disclose
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Why Adult Victims of Sexual Abuse Don't Disclose
Why people carry the secret of childhood sexual abuse into adulthood.

Was I Molested Even Though My Clothes Never Came Off?
Making sense of sexual abuse.

Larry Nassar: Exploiting Privilege and Trust
Five common patterns of sexual predators

The Brain Can Work Against Abuse Victims
The hidden ties to toxic partners.

Why Women Have Higher Rates of PTSD Than Men
Sexual trauma is particularly toxic to mental health.

Understanding the Barriers to Reporting Sexual Abuse
Why even post #MeToo, sexual abuse remains the most under-reported crime.

Why Do People Blame the Victim?
The tendency to blame the victim may be
programmed in the mind at a deep level.

How Denial and Victim Blaming Keep Sexual Assault Hidden
Perpetrators, communities and even victims get
caught in webs that hide abuse.

What Parents Need to Know About Sexual Grooming
Understanding the stages of sexual grooming can help protect your child.

Boys and Sexual Abuse: The Untold Stories of Trauma
Psychological science explains the effects of sexual trauma on boys.

Hiding in Plain Site: How to Spot a Child Predator
Protect your family by knowing what to look for and where to look.

 Five Myths About Child Sexual Abuse
Knowing the facts can help protect your children.

▲ *** A series of articles from Psychology Today above *** ▲

Not A Parent?: How You Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

How to Manage Blame after Your Child Has Been Sexually Abused

Why Trauma Survivors Can't Just 'Let It Go'

A Guide Dog for Nightmares

How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

Telling Loved Ones About Sexual Assault

Long-term outcomes of childhood sexual abuse: an umbrella review
~ OR ~
PDF version

Adverse childhood experiences and sexual victimization in adulthood

7 Ways Teachers Can help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

You Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse In Your Community
Simple Courses

Placing childhood sexual abuse in historical perspective

How Little Talks Can Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

Why Trauma Survivors Shouldn't Think They Are 'Lazy'

7 Sexual Abuse Prevention Discussions to Have With Your Co-parents

Disabled Girl Raped on School Bus

How Do I Know If I Was Raped or Sexually Assaulted?

Reasons Family Members Side With Sexual Abusers

When Women Sexually Assault Men


While not dealing specifically with sexual abuse,
this is an excellent article:

10 Ways to Heal from Childhood Trauma

An Ugly Truth (ASHA)

10 Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Consent Considerations: A Guide for Teens & Young Adults

10 Things Not to Say to a Sexual Abuse Survivor

Facing the Pain of Child Abuse

Ten-Year Research Update Review: Child Sexual Abuse

An Early Survivor of Larry Nasser's Abuse
Speaks Out For the First Time

Kristy's Story
The Courage to Speak Out

Facts and Stats (

Incest Survivors Can Thrive After Abuse
- Here's What it's Like For 3 Women


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Incest Survivors Can Thrive After Abuse — Here’s What It’s Like For 3 Women



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